Part 1

IZB-ServiceShop – Part 1

The given prices are from 2018 and are for guidance only.
As soon as the prices for the IZB 2020 have been adjusted, separate information will be sent by e-mail.

In addition to general information about the IZB 2018, you will find everything important for logistics such as the trade fair forwarding tariff, the shipping guidelines, the logistics form, a sample label as well as the time slot booking.

These documents are available for download in the right-hand area.

The following articles are available in this shop:

Exhibitor Passes
With a stand size of 12 sqm you get 2 exhibitor passes free of charge. For each additional 6 sqm, another exhibitor's pass will be provided free of charge. You will receive the free exhibitor passes automatically and do not have to be ordered separately. The main exhibitor is responsible for the fact that exhibitor passes are only used by the stand personnel. You can order additional exhibitor passes that are required for a fee in the shop.
Additionally ordered Exhibitor passes cannot be returned!
The delivery of exhibitor passes is expected to take place in August.
For postage and packaging we charge a packaging flat rate of €6.00 (plus VAT).

Parking Permits (unfortunatly not longer available)
A limited number of paved parking spaces located in close vicinity to the IZB are available for exhibitors at a charge (please refer to the “Site Plan of the Exhibitions Grounds”). These spaces can be found in different colour-coordinated parking areas marked as “BLUE“ and “RED“. Parking spaces in the “BLUE” parking area are primarily for exhibitors from halls 1|2|3|7, while parking spaces in the “RED“ parking area are primarily for exhibitors from halls 4|5|6. Please take your hall number into account when placing your order.Given that only a limited number of parking spaces are available, the number of parking permits that can be ordered by each exhibitor is limited to 3 permits.
Please note: Parking permits are only available in limited quantities!

The delivery of the parking permits is expected in August. For postage and packaging we charge a packaging flat rate of €6.00 (plus VAT).

Events at your stand
Outside the official opening hours of IZB 2018, between 6pm and 10pm, you are welcome to invite customers to a customer event at your stand. This event is subject to registration, approval and costs. Please make the corresponding booking in the shop.

The booking of a service package is obligatory. It is designed for four hours and includes the planning and provision of cloakroom and security staff on site, as well as the medical service, WC pre-cleaning and energy consumption. All participants, guests as well as staff, must have left the hall 30 minutes after the registered end of the event.

Please note:
If you hold your evening event without prior registration/booking of a service package or without permission from Messe Wolfsburg, our security staff will stop it. Furthermore, we reserve the right to charge the organizer for any costs incurred. An ordered stand guard does not release you from ordering a service package for evening events at the stand.


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